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Ultra Mini Res - Field Applications

Hydrogeology  -  Geological Engineering  - Mineral Exploration 
Archeology  -  Contamination Plumes  -  Electrical Grounding

The Ultra Mini Res is rugged, designed for field applications in a variety of weather conditions, and lightweight for easy transport, whether on foot or in a back country vehicle.  The case is water tight, so that work can continue during light rain or wet conditions.  A special filter will eliminate the signal from distant lightning storms. However, we recommend for safety that crews do not operate when they become aware of nearby lightning storms or impending rain and wet conditions.

Navigating in Woods
Navigating in Woods

Survey Design

Surveys may be designed using dipole-dipole, Schlumberger or Wenner soundings, or

pole-dipole.  Customers have also developed single point resistance grids for their applications. The Ultra MiniRes manual has a more thorough discussion of survey configurations and the associated resistivity calculations for each configuration.

For applications that call for a deeper & broader signal, talk to us about alternative sources.

Contact info:   or  call USA 1-775-833-1212

Mountain Ridge
Mountain Ridge

Versatility in Application

As a geophysicist, you may use your imagination and technical knowledge to design your survey and interpret your data.  We are happy to point you towards standard tactics for survey design, as well, for your particular application and target.
You may have your own favorite way to display your data, or use our plotting program.
Working in phase domain may be a little different for you, so ask us for references if you are more used to working in time domain or frequency domain.


Customer Flexibility:  Purchase & we'll Ship, or Rent for an initial trial

The Ultra Mini Res can be shipped to you prior to your survey, so that you can have time to experiment with it before taking it to the field, or we can ship it to your destination.  The Ultra Mini Res is also available as a rental from Exploration Instruments.  This is a great way to try the system out on a project, before making the commitment to purchase one from L and R Instruments!


Ultra Mini Res

The Ultra Mini Res comes with four 12 inch stainless steel stakes. Longer, 24 inch stainless steel stakes may be ordered separately, for use in soft sand or mud.
D cell batteries are used as the source, but talk to us about other source options. This source should provide a signal that goes out to 1000 to 2000 feet, as well as down approximately a thousand feet, depending on conditions.

You will need to provide your own wire that is suitable for your survey design.

The downloadable PDF file below is the original user manual for all versions of the MiniRes. An update page for the Ultra MiniRes is available as an additional PDF.

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