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The Story of L and R Instruments

From 1986 through April of 1998, John Fett was owner and manager of LaCoste and Romberg Gravity Meters, Inc., located in Austin, Texas. A long time plan to move west to a drier climate with more opportunities for outdoor recreation led to John's formation of L and R Instruments as a Nevada Corporation in 1996. At that time work began on the design of new geophysical instruments. LaCoste and Romberg was sold on April 30th, 1998 and John Fett and L and R Instruments moved to Incline Village, Nevada. The first instrument designed and put into production was a low-cost earth resistivity instrument, the MiniRes.

John passed away in 2009. His daughters, the chief scientist, and the production team, have been committed to carry on his work. We are proud to offer the rugged, lightweight, Ultra MiniRes with a built in transmitter that operates at 2.5 Hz, and with output options for 2 and 20 mAmps, for use on resistivity and IP surveys.

The Ultra MiniRes has been extensively field tested in various climates and field conditions, and has withstood the test of numerous cross-country shipments. The adaptability of this new system, allows users to choose amperage and voltage outputs that are aligned with the survey design, target depth, ground conditions, and cultural considerations. Whether a survey is looking for buried utilities and tanks in a city environment, variability in ground water conditions, or structures and alteration associated with resource exploration or environmental studies, we think you'll find this  flexibility to be an incredible asset.

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