Fixed Current Electrodes

FIXED CURRENT ELECTRODES: Another type of simple profiling that can be used for obtaining deeper information is with the current electrodes spaced far apart and left in the same position while the potential electrodes are moved in small increments across the middle third of the current electrode spread.



The fixed current electrode method can also be used for “mapping”. Instead of a single line of potential observations located between the current electrodes, a grid of observations can be taken and the results contoured. This method of surveying is sometimes referred to as the gradient array.


In Appendix I there are examples of field forms for collecting fixed current electrodes profile data with six potential intervals (as in the above illustration) and also twelve potential intervals. There is also a form for collecting “map” data for a grid of six intervals by five lines.

Remember that you can add the first and second interval resistances together to obtain a deeper sounding. And, adding the second and third interval resistances together gives you a deeper sounding, etc.


Adding all six intervals together you then have a Wenner array.





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