Additional Information

Additional Information about the MiniRes

(Instruction Manual)
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Quick Start

Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages

Field Work

Resistivity Methods:

                                    Vertical Soundings





                                                Fixed Current Electrodes



                                    Azimuthal Surveys

                                    Square Array Surveys

                                    Lab Measurements

Induced Polarization Methods

Care of the MiniRes

Trouble Shooting

Accuracy of Calibration

Factory Service



Appendix   A                Safety Warnings

Appendix   B1              Specifications (for serial numbers 001 to 032)

Appendix   B2              Specifications (for serial numbers 101 to 140)

Appendix   B3              Specifications (for serial numbers above 140)

Appendix   C1              General Description of standard MiniRes (s/n 001 to 032)

Appendix   C2              General Description of super MiniRes (s/n 101 to 140)

Appendix   C3              General Description of Ultra MiniRes (s/n above 140)

Appendix   D                Induced Polarization - Phase Domain Method of IP

Appendix   E                Cables, Electrodes and Reels

Appendix   F                Periodic Tests

Appendix   G               Accuracy of Resistivity Measurements

Appendix   H               Comparison of Output Voltages

Appendix   I                 Sample Field Data Forms

Appendix   J                Advantages of the Super & ULTRA over the Standard MiniRes

Appendix   L               General Formula for Apparent Resistivity       

Appendix   M              Resistivity and IP Profile Survey

Appendix   N               Comparison of MiniRes and Terrameter and Sting

Appendix   Q               Electrode Experiment in Dry Soil          

Appendix   R               Typical Resistivities of Soils & Rocks

Appendix   S               Effects of Temperature and Freezing

Appendix   T               References for Terrain Effects

Appendix   U               Fall of Potential Method

Appendix   W              Understanding the "Line Open" Light

Appendix   X               Use of IP in Archeology 

Appendix   Y               References for the Square Array

Appendix   Z               References for Azimuthal Surveys

Appendix  ZZ             Negative Resistance Readings

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