Prices for the MiniRes 



ULTRA MiniRes   2.5 Hz Earth Resistivity Meter, includes calibration harness, (4) 12 inch stainless steel electrodes, (6) red banana plugs, (6) black banana plugs, user's manual.  Two year warranty.

$  6000.00 



Calibration Harness    

$    350.00

12 inch stainless steel electrode with knob        

$      40.00

 24 inch stainless steel electrode

$      50.00



For quotes and information regarding specifics for MiniRes upgrades, replacement accessories, etc., please contact us.
The ULTRA MiniRes comes with four 12-inch stainless steel electrodes, twelve banana plugs, calibration harness, and manual.
MiniRes with serial numbers greater than 99 have greater current available and have rejection filters for both 50 and 60 Hertz electrical noise.


MiniRes with serial numbers less than 99 have rejection filters for 60 Hertz electrical noise.


Current of the Standard MiniRes: 5 mAmpsSuper: 20 mAmpULTRA: 20 mAmp. Older Super MiniRes can be upgraded from 10 to 20 mAmp

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